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Home, Door & Window Products has been in the business of bringing outstanding service and remarkable building products to persons living in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area for more than three decades.  When customers team up with us, they understand that they will be getting the kind of knowledge and experience that only our exceptional team can deliver.  We provide a variety of A-List products like Marvin Doors, so they can anticipate getting the professional attention they deserve at a competitive price.  When you invest in Marvin Doors, you will be getting much more than just a door – you will be getting an energy efficient and elegant statement about your home’s style.  Whether you are specifically looking for a standard patio door or sliding patio doors, we can customize them to suit your tastes.  We also offer a number of sophisticated French doors and Bi-fold doors.  Also, we are well-known for our craftsmanship and attention to detail, and you can expect nothing but the best in customer satisfaction when you are dealing with Home, Door & Window Products.  It should come as no surprise to learn that we are the Number One Choice of our clients who live in Grosse Pointe.

Grosse Pointe Sliding Patio Doors

Grosse Pointe, Michigan is an affluent coastal city situated in Wayne County.  Right around 5,326 residents live in Grosse Pointe, which is located about 25 miles southeast of Berkley, the home of Home, Door & Window Products.  Families living in Grosse Pointe are known for their elegant homes, and they naturally are interested in having products which can be tailored to suit their homes’ specific styles and architecture.   Marvin Doors can readily fit the bill for providing the elegance and upscale look that will easily satisfy Grosse Point clients and complement the distinct character of their homes.  In fact, Home, Door & Window Products has a number of designs, colors and various features in French doors that will suit the discriminating tastes of our Grosse Pointe clients.  Furthermore, our French doors are custom designed to fit the opening precisely and match your Grosse Pointe home’s décor, and the Marvin sliding French doors operate smoothly, effortlessly and efficiently.

Grosse Pointe French Doors

Home, Door & Window Productsalso offers contemporary Marvin Bi-fold doors that will open wide to bring in the spectacular views of the great outdoors.  Additionally, our sliding patio doors and Bi-fold doors are able to expand an indoor room and merge it with an outdoor veranda or garden area.  The possibilities are endless and the results are unbelievably worthwhile!  If you have been contemplating making some changes and upgrades to your home, and are seeking the advice and assistance of those-in-the-know, it is time to check-out the showroom at Home, Door & Window Products and speak with one of our helpful representatives.  They will be glad to show you all the options available and answer your questions regarding the benefits to having these energy efficient products that will not only enhance the appearance of your home, but will decrease your utility costs.  Regardless if you are building new or renovating, it is high time you called Home, Door & Window Productsat: (248) 399-9900 or (888) 819-3667, for a FREE, in-home estimate.

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